Connecting Care

Understanding the patient experience within 3 service units in order to share insights and possible solutions focused on improving the waiting experience for patients visiting IU Health North.

Full Research Document

Project Partners: Client: IU Health North Hospital
Role: Design Researcher, Insight and Solution Development

Developed as part of a learning opportunity within our Collaborative Action Research in Design course.

Field Research

Our graduate cohort got divided into 3 teams of three in order to understand the patient waiting experience in the Lab, Imagining and Registration area. I worked on the Lab area research with Jack Rong and Vesta Mohebbi. During our research in the service area, we spoke to the unit secretary, lab workers and patients alike to understand the process and the pain points experienced.

Analysis and Synthesis

After collecting data in the field, we began an analysis and synthesis process to understand each area separately first, then we came together as the full cohort to see if there were any overlapping trends that could serve as a guide for developing solutions.

Solution Development

After completing the analysis process by service area, we discussed as a group possible recommendations that could address the different pain points we found through the patient journey. While some were more site specific, others were treated as systems from which different components could get implemented at different times. These solutions were presented in the findings document we presented the Patient Experience team at IU Health North.

Pictured is the Wristband ID system. This is a prototype of this component which was an element of the overall Color System presented. (Render by Vesta Mohebbi)